Saturday, November 13, 2004


Day 52

I feel quite a bit better this "morning" - Memree used some potions and other supplies on me while I was out, and was pretty happy with my progress, starting the day with changing bandages.

"I guess I... made a mess of that fight, didn't I...?" I moved the fingers of my left hand carefully... everything seemed to work, albeit stiffly.

Memree gently smoothed some ointment onto my shoulder. "Don't worry about it. You're alive, and that's what matters."

I smiled. The ointment was warm and numbing. "Use plenty of that stuff, love - I don't want to start a new collection of scars."

"You keep quiet, and concentrate on getting better."

"Yes, boss... but with Cleve silent, somebody has to keep the conversation going."

Memree turned towards Cleve, who was tending a small fire in which porridge was being prepared. "Yes - you still haven't explained why you didn't help us, Cleve..."

I watched as her fingers signalled her answer. "What's she saying?"

"She assumed you wanted to fight one-on-one, and could handle that 'Cuirass' woman, so she held all happened so quickly..."

I nodded, and felt a twinge, grimaced. "That's true, we both under-estimated her. Just because she's a few arrows short of a full quiver, it doesn't mean she can't fight."

Cleve spooned out a big bowl of porridge for me, and Memree added a generous dollop of runny honey, and stirred it in. I thought I was well enough to sit up and feed myself, but instead Memree rearranged some of our packs behind me, and then began to feed me. "I could get used to this life of luxury", I commented between mouthfuls.

Cleve did some more of her finger-talk, and the spoon nearly missed my mouth as Memree concentrated on it. "Sorry", she muttered, scraping some food off my lip. "You need to rest today, Cleve reckons it would be safe to leave you and Hengist here, while she and I explore the first couple of levels below the castle, make sure the map is right. You ought to take a sleeping potion - though I'm sure you want to write at least a few lines in that book of yours first."

So that's about all I have to write, for now - "Felt a bit better, had porridge for breakfast, watched my best friend vanish into a crypt without me." I'd better drink that potion now, I'm glad I insisted on the wine-based version!

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