Monday, November 22, 2004


And A Note...

Right - 60 days seems a good time to bring to a close this attempt to bring the world of Barbarienne to a new audience, at least for a while - it's kept me away from writing new scripts for upcoming projects, about which, no doubt, more will appear soon over at the website.

The stories we've related here correspond, generally, to the eight issues of the Barbarienne comic series published a few years ago. The origin tale in issue one is covered, roughly, by days 4 (September 27th) & 5; "Captives of the Churmuk" from issues two and three is covered by days 14 (October 7th) to 18; the "Fever Dreams" in days 21 (October 14th) to 23 come from issue four; "The Slavers" from issue five is covered basically by day 41 (3rd November); and the "Barbarienne versus Cuirass" saga, from issues six to eight, runs from days 50 (12th November) to 58. We also had days on which not a lot happened, of course, as you do, while days 26(October 19th) to 35 focus on a slightly rambling new tale of a devilish dagger.

In the original comic, the narration tended to alternate between issues between Charol and Memree; keeping with Charol here did have a few problems, and our narrator had to resort to blatant deception concerning the battle with Cuirass, I'm afraid. The first three issues are also, on the website, available in a more sexually explicit, or "naughty" to use a technical term, version. Charol generally underplays the sexual side in her writings here, except for the kinkiness of the first issue's set-up and one particular day about halfway through! For the sexier Barbarienne comics,set a little further down the timeline, take the link to Atomic Books and type "Barbarienne" into their search box...the first four issues are out of print, but Barbarienne #10 has just been published.

So, it's been fun - if there is any huge demand or outcry we might very well continue here, but at the moment this blog will have to stand as it is, and as a useful link from the website. Two months without missing a day was rather good, I think, so let us quit while we are ahead.

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