Saturday, November 20, 2004


Day 59

Actually, as far as the city of Broadwater and the general outside world is concered, this is more like Day 53, I think - time played strange tricks down there, which is hardly surprising. But I tell it as I experience it, even though some of the postings from Grishelm and the caves had to be reconstructed afterwards, as I didn't play as prominent a role in the events as I appeared to. But I'm up-to-date now, which was made easier by the fact that, cleverly, we did very little today. A lie-in so late that it took all of Memree's considerable persuasive powers to get the tavern to provide any sort of breakfast, then me getting this book properly in order... I'm not sure why I am so obsessed with writing it all down, but it does help me make sense of things.

Should we feel sorry for Cleve, injured at the end of our battle, and now trapped down in that tiny world? I don't think so, especially after seeing Sprite grown up! She wanted to have her voice - she has it now, and a better companionship than we could have offered, a more comfortable retirement than most sell-swords get.

Have we seen the last of Atzmon? I wouldn't bet anything valuable on it, she obviously has powerful demonic friends, or she wouldn't have come back this time after we lopped her head off, what, about five ten-days ago? I can hardly blame her for wanting revenge for that... I suppose some sort of obsession with both Memree and me is understandable. She called Mem "Emmie" once, I think. Presumably she knows more about Memree's past than anyone else, though she was hardly likely to share it with us...

As for the "trinkets" I mentioned, well, they are the type of item one has to be very, very careful about. We don't need to sell them at the moment, and they take up very little room, so, rather than visit shops and mages who we don't know and don't know us, I think we'll take them back to Redwall with us, and enlist Delinda, and Ashil, and maybe Man Coker, to try and find out if we have anything that is more than just decorative. Rings and amulets can have a lot of interesting, and useful, properties!

So, a lazy day. Tomorrow will be a bit busier, if only because we have promised ourselves a shopping expedition to the main markets here.

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