Friday, September 24, 2004


Day Two

Ashil didn't have anything at the moment, though he gave me the impression he was negotiating for a job that might be my sort of thing, so I joined Saster and Wren, who have a room upstairs, in a hunting expedition into the hills to the north of town. We managed to kill a deer, my arrow brought it down, and we carried it back into town and sold it to a local butcher. It was good to get out into the fresh air of the countryside, though on the way back I was starting to wish we'd bagged a smaller animal, I swear the beast got heavier as we went along, to get its revenge.

An interesting pair, those ladies. Apparently they were mercs in some town-lord's army, with Saster as a sergeant. He lost the battle, they ran for it, and after a while got recruited into a rather large gang of bandits. The two of them got caught, and sold as slaves, before an agent of the gang bought them back... the gang itself didn't last too much longer, the leader was revealed to be some sort of magical creature and defeated by quite a well-known adventurer, Ilys Darksword, and a couple of apprentice mages, so Saster and Wren were soon on the run again. The point is, they were and are free, but they have had the "all virtue preserv'd" slavegirl injections, the ones that keep them young and beautiful, and submissive and low on inhibitions, high on sex-drive. It must be rather difficult to function properly as free women in that state, but together they seem to do okay together. I suppose a "sexier, softer" army sergeant is still pretty hard. Saster said something, "A man is for an evening's pleasure, a woman for a lifetime's love" - and I remarked that there was an equivalent male saying too, which also involved melons! But I'm young, an occasional evening's pleasure is all I'm aiming for at the moment.

I've put aside my share of the butcher's money, after an evening meal in one of the better taverns this town has, and a bottle of wine - it's not enough for a full month's rent, but there's plenty of time yet. Talking of slavegirls, tomorrow I ought to visit my friends Delinda and Loji, though that's a weird situation. The three of us used to play cards together, along with a few others, and one night we played on rather late, got a bit drunk, the stakes got rather high... and to cut a boring story short, Delinda won Loji! So they're both my friends, but one's a Mistress now, and the other her slave. And given that Del's shop sells slave restraint gear and jewelry, that collar is more than just a gesture, it's the real, stringent deal. Loji looks good on it, but that would be the injections, of course.

But it's late, and I'm tired. I'll write again tomorrow, Ser Wizard, if you're reading this!

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