Saturday, October 16, 2004


Day 24

I actually slept until after lunchtime today, though I don't remember any dreams, luckily. I'd not truly realised what a weight on me those scars had been, but my back is as clear as a baby's now. The money we paid Mistress Indigo, with a little help from Ashil, works out at almost half our total purse, but I really don't care. Who wants to own a tavern, anyway? Adventuring is what I do, I kill dragons, slay lurking monsters, rescue the innocent, and that's what I want to continue to do, with Memree beside me!

Yes, the afternoon did involve shopping - after spending all that gold, a little more couldn't hurt, and I had a yearning to buy some new clothes, including one or two items to show off an elegant, shapely back.

It's weird, I feel so light and happy I could easily burst into tears, and I'm certainly not spending long on this clever little book today, so, Ser Mage-Librarian, see you tomorrow!

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