Saturday, October 23, 2004


Day 31

I was tempting fate with that last bit, wasn't I? Well, I'm glad to report a complete lack of corpses today, and very few flies. We are still waiting to hear some background on Jasper and the people he represents - it would be nice to know something more about the dagger, like what it can do, as well. The trouble with not knowing is that it is too easy to start making wild guesses. Does it turn into a demon at midnight, and rip people's chests open to feed on their hearts? Does it possess its "owner"? Or is this just some sort of out-of-town gang feud spilling into Redwall. I can't imagine that any out-of-towners could operate here for any length of time without Man Coker knowing about it - he may be crooked, but I trust him, and I trust his opinion of Ser Chase, I'm sure he wouldn't be involved in this. It would be nice to know why he called Jasper not just a guest of his at the Red Sunset, but a friend... they probably just had a few drinks together there the previous evening.

Anyway, the day passed without any excitements that I can report. Memree and I did stroll through the town and call in on the tavern, but we followed Delinda's advice and didn't disturb Ruby or Perry at their house - if they do find out anything new, they know where to find us, after all. The death of the thief seems to have closed the chapter down as far as Ser Cookson was concerned. Ser Jasper had, unsurprisingly, left, and not said where he was going - so he might have moved to a more secure tavern, or left town.

And that's how things stand. I didn't feel like another evening going round all the inns trying to keep an ear open for anything unusual, so it looks like an early night for us, for a change!

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