Sunday, October 24, 2004


Day 32

No news from Man Coker's investigations, which isn't too surprising, I suppose whoever he sent would need more than a few hours in the town Jasper brought the presentation blade from, after a day's hard ride, though I had hoped that they'd be able to at least send some news back pretty much instantly. It's just not knowing what we are up against that worries me, and I think it worries Coker too.

I did drop by his place this afternoon, and he was arranging to send a few more of his men out, to, hopefully, meet his original investigator and his team on the trail and escort them back. The people he sent aren't overdue, there's nothing to worry about yet, except that the hair on the back of my neck does tend to try to stand on end when I think about it. All we have, I tell myself, is one dead thief, and one missing dagger. That's hardly worth losing sleep over. And then I think of the scene in the room where Torner and I found that dead thief...

Oh well, I've been out and around, listening and smiling and buying drinks with Coker's money, and there doesn't seem to be anything unusual happening in Redwall, at least. That missing husband hasn't turned up yet, but the warehouse loader has, and is rather lucky to have a job still, the way I heard it. A few petty robberies, a few fights, and no, I'm not talking about what I've been up to! A perfectly normal autumn day... may we have many more such, before the first snows come.

There is bound to be some news tomorrow - let's hope it is good news.

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