Friday, October 29, 2004


Day 37

Oh dear, that is a bit painful to read - but it just, well, hit me, that the person I thought I was and the person that everyone else thought I was were two different people, and it looked as if I was the one who'd got me wrong... And I should mention that my entry in this book today is probably not suitable for librarians, and others, who are more interested in swordfights than kinky stuff. Keep the children away, if you have any!

So, late in the afternoon Memree and I went to visit Delinda who, assuming that she and her two slavegirls don't spend the evenings and nights reading improving books and quietly embroidering wall-hangings, seemed to me to be the best person to confide in. And, over a cup of steaming-hot herbal cha, I told her, while trying not to look at Memree, what an idiot I was.

She looked puzzled, when I finished my ramblings - maybe a little startled, while I continued to avoid Memree's eyes, and dreaded hearing her say anything. "You stay here, girl", she said after a pause. "Drink your cha, have another of those little cakes - I'm taking Memree into the back room for a little chat, and don't you dare try to eavesdrop!"

So I drank, and I ate another cake, though I have no recollection what flavour it was, if indeed it had any flavour. And, after a rather long time, allowing it to start going dark outside, Delinda and Memree marched back in. "Well", Delinda began, "It seems to us that Memree has shown you a lot of trust over the past few ten-days, and we both agree that it's time you showed her just a little bit of trust, too."

"And this has something to do with you removing my clothes?" Because Delinda was generally unbuckling, unlacing, and pulling my clothes off me as she spoke, briskly and efficiently.

"Well, you've walked Memree about town in the nude - and now Memree is going to return the favour."

I looked at Memree in shock - she looked back, smiled broadly, and winked. "Unless big bad Charol the Barbarienne is frightened...?"

"Only petrified", I said, as I stepped out of the last of my underwear. "What do I say if I meet someone...?"

Delinda chuckled. "Oh, that won't be a problem", she said - and produced a ball-gag and, before I'd managed to react, it was in my mouth, and fastened firmly behind my head. And then my arms were behind my back and some sort of handcuffs were being snapped around my wrists, I looked towards Memree, my eyes wide - just what was I letting myself in for? She was slipping dainty little shoes onto my feet, they had locking ankles-straps, and were joined by a hobble-chain... had I used something rather similar on her once?

Delinda looked me up and down, with a very big grin on her face. "Oh yes, it suits you, I think. Memree is going to put a collar round your neck, with a leash attached, and you are going to be led out of here, into the early evening streeets, and you're going to trust that she's taking you home, rather than to the slaver, aren't you?" I nodded emphatically. "Yes, you're going to be ever so trusting, because you'll have this hood on!"

The hood was leather, and laced up the back, and let not a scrap of light in. I felt the collar being buckled into position over it, and then felt a fairly gentle pat on my bottom. "And before that outfit comes off, Memree is going to give you just a little spanking - I assure you she's rather good at it, it's a great way to work off any minor annoyances!"

Well it was very strange; once we were out of the shop's door and in the street, I had no idea where we were going, and had to make lots of small, quick steps to keep up with Memree, who occasionally tugged on the chain if I was lagging behind her. "Well that's one way to exercise a slavegirl like that, but I can think of better ways!" someone commented as we passed, and I was thankful for that blasted hood, as I'm sure I blushed crimson. I don't think Memree took the shortest route back here, but was I ever glad when we arrived - even with the hood on I knew the place, as Memree gently guided me across the room and pushed me across the bed, on my front, then held my cuffed wrists in one hand, pushing on my back to keep me down, and spanked me. I know idiot me deserved it, but it did sting, and it was so undignified, before long there were tears in my eyes...

The shoes and hobble came off, the hood was removed... Memree used a finger to wipe the dampness from my eyes. "My barbarienne, I think I love you", she said, and kissed the end of my nose... then she undid the wristcuffs, and, finally, removed the ball-gag. "You're very special to me, and always will be."

"I... you're very special to me, too, Memree", I replied, sitting on the bed. "I've been so stupid not to realise it, but it's crept up on me, and it probably is love, but it's, well, not something I've been used to. Just let's not go for walks like that too often, hey?"

"Hardly ever", Memree agreed. "Now, you'd better write up your strange little book now, while I go and get us some supper - I guarantee that you won't have time to do that later!"

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