Thursday, October 07, 2004


Day Fifteen

It was extremely unlikely we'd be seen by Churmuk scouts, even at the full extent of their range, until late in the day, but I didn't want to take any risks, so when the day had warmed up a bit, by mid-morning, I decided it was time for my brave young companion to change out of woolens, and into her slavegirl finery. So she stripped off her shorts, sweater and underwear, and, with my assistance, started to put on Delinda's decorative bits and pieces.

I clicked the collar into place, while she was busily trying to warm up the bra-cups, which involved holding them against her face like a pair of ogre-ears. "They'll soon warm up in their proper place", I told her rather unsympathetically, and she reluctantly moved them into their rightful positions, giving a little yelp as contact was made. I linked up the various chains involved while she tucked in her "loincloth" piece of gauzy fabric at the front, and then I pulled it under and up, and tucked it in at the back. "Slavegirls do get to wear some tasty outfits", I commented.

"Some cold outfits", Memree grumbled. "Can I at least put the sweater back on over this?"

"Seems reasonable to me", I agreed, standing back to check that everything looked as neat as it had in Delinda's little shop, and generally admiring the effect, before throwing her the garment in question. "There's no reason for you to freeze, and you're not on display to the Churmuk yet."

We walked on until lunchtime, then afterwards I let Memree ride for a while, though she complained that she missed the little bit of protection that the shorts had given her. I offered to tie her up and sling her over Hengist sideways, but she didn't seem too keen on the idea. By mid-afternoon, when we were both walking again, I was pretty sure that we were being observed, though I can't say that I had actually seen Churmuk scouts. They'd send a runner back to their main encampment, and we'd probably be officially challenged in the morning.

So, nothing much to report today, my mysterious Mage-Librarian, so, as the sun is dipping low now, I think I'll join my jingling slavegirl in our nice warm sleeping bag!

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