Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Day Fourteen

We would be unlikely to meet the Churmuk until the third day of our trip, though it was quite probable that they would spot us on day two, and maybe keep us under observation; today, though, was all about travel. Memree and I, along with the faithful Hengist, our packhorse, set out fairly early, though not at the crack of dawn or anything extreme like that. We were dressed for warmth and comfort in shorts, walking boots, and chunky sweaters; I didn't even wear my sword, just kept it easily accessible on Hengist.

Ashil saw us off, as promised, and walked a short way with us. I don't think he knew as much as I did about the Churmuk, but he talked about their warrior culture, their prowess in battle, and their mistrust of the male of our species. After half an hour, he ran out of things to say, and decided the time had come to bid us farewell. He hugged Memree like an uncle, gave Hengist a friendly pat, and then hugged me. I decided not to act like a niece, so pressed myself against him, and gave him a rather comprehensive kiss, with just a little tongue included - the message, unspoken, being that, after a few days of the company of sword-sisters and Kreston, I would very probably be rather happy to see him again, and it might be a good idea if he made sure his bed had nice fresh sheets that night.

Anyway, Memree and Hengist and I walked until lunchtime, ate a packed meal, then walked some more, then I let Mem' ride Hengist for a bit, until sunset approached. So here we are, out on the windy moors, another packed meal disposed of - and the light is starting to fade, so it's time I put this book away, and got out that sleeping bag. Not a lot is liable to happen tomorrow, but at least Memree will have to wear her slavegirl costume!

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