Saturday, October 02, 2004


Day Ten

It was mid-morning when Memree and I arrived at Delinda's shop - rather early in the day for Del's richer clients, so she declared we would have the place to ourselves, and, while Loji rolled down the blinds, locked the front door. I'd brought back the ludicrously outrageous outfit I'd worn to fight Atzmon, so we started by choosing something a bit more rugged-looking for me to wear on the Churmuk trip. Frankly, a ribbon around each nipple and a big grin would have been at least slightly more "rugged-looking" than that costume, but that would probably not give quite the right impression. I ended up with a short leather jacket to match my favourite black high-boots, but also a leather leotard, cut a bit higher at the sides than most, with three leather straps across a generously wide cleavage area, quite enough to distract most opponents. It came with a cute little matching choker, and also a matching sword-belt with a good solid buckle. Del also advised me to take some plain silk leos with a similarly wide cleavage, to wear underneath, which seemed a good idea.

Now it was Memree's turn. No leather for her, not even this soft-cured, body-moulded imported stuff; Delinda suggested that, as a warrior's trophy, an effect more metal-based, jewelery based, was the way to go, and it sounded good to me, though Memree did express reservations about putting it on cold in the morning! I assured her that some pieces would remain on overnight, at least once we were in the Churmuk lands, but this didn't seem to overcome her misgivings entirely.

I have heard of metal bra-cups before, usually worn by legendary female warriors; Del carefully chose a suitably-shaped pair for Memree, and (easily) persuaded me to hold them in place while she made measurements for the lengths of a special flat chain needed. We'd decided to opt for the subtle look, and not have red gemstones in nipple position! While Loji fitted the appropriate lengths of chain for that, we went on to slightly lower regions, deciding on a fine triple chain around her waist, with a slightly gauzy scrap of fabric fluttering down from the lowest front strand halfway to the knee. After tucking under the chain, the fabric zoomed off down and under, to reappear and tuck round the lowest chain at the back, before fluttering down to a similar level as at the front. There were shiny, intricately engraved wrist and ankle cuffs, with anchorage points on them for chains when needed; these came in two sizes, for use with and without gloves and boots. The slave-collar was the main work of art, though - wide, and beaten so that it was flat and thin, engraved with exotic birds and flowers and, I think, a couple of rabbits. Loops of chain acted like necklaces, and at the front a medallion hung - and it had a remarkably good likeness of my head in profile on it. Now, that's got to be a lot classier than just carving "Property of Charol Meadows" on the collar, though Del did flip it over to prove that those words, as needed in law, were present.

Well we all admired Memree once she was in the full outfit, and she did a small dance that mainly involved wagggling her hips rather attractively - and then she changed back into regular clothes, and Delinda packed up the "adventure outfit" as Memree called it. I caught Del's eye as she added one or two bonus items to the bag, and winked.

By then it was lunchtime, a rather late lunchtime in fact, so Memree and I left Delinda and Loji and wandered back towards our lodgings. I was feeling in need of an afternoon nap, I think the events of recent days were still needing to be compensated for... and I don't just mean my after-the-funeral happenings with Torner! Memree had found an old book she was happy to read, so. really, there's nothing else to report under today's date. And I hope tomorrow is just as restful for us both!

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