Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Day Twenty

"Well I think she's a natural slavegirl", Memree was saying. She was wearing shorts, boots and her white sweater, looking down at Fran on the floor of our room. Fran was wearing a small pair of leather panties which had somehow got in among our stuff when Memree had packed the saddlebags a couple of days before in the Churmuk camp. Fran's wrists were handcuffed behind her back, her ankles were tied together, and the ballgag had recently been replaced after she'd been fed some breakfast. "She was fascinated by the whole deal of you apparently owning me, and when you were away, she went on about how the warrior-pairings in their clan were so boring, and the clan-meets where they did get the opportunity to get laid weren't much better. Despite what Natella made her do, she did want to get away, and that wasn't just to become a member of the town guard here!"

Ashil had been around earlier, to report that Kreston, before he headed out of town for some big family reunion, had indeed bought Natella, and for an excellent price. He'd also sold all the horses we'd thieved - I suggested that the money from them, and the saddles, should be divided five ways, two for Memree and me, and one each for the three men who'd escaped with Kreston and us. Ashil agreed, and said he'd also put them on the accounts as part of the cavalry group, so they'd get a few silvers for that too. Kreston's people were paying the bills, after all!

I went out to do some minor shopping, and chat to a few people... and when I came back, well, maybe I'm being a little suspicious, but both Memree and Fran did seem a little, well, flushed, and while I didn't get a good look, my impression was that Fran's bottom was a bit pinker than I'd remembered it. I think Fran had been getting a little introductory lesson in slavegirl life...

Anyway, after lunch the three of us headed for Delinda's store. We timed it right, as a rather respectable couple were just leaving as we arrived, with a large bag of purchases. Delinda and Loji welcomed us - they'd heard all about our latest adventure of course, these things get around town faster than a horse can gallop.

"And this must be the new slavegirl, Fran", Delinda said happily. "You'll want to get her measured up and kitted out with some personal restraints, I'm sure."

"Not exactly", Memree told her. "Charol and I don't really have room in our life for a slavegirl, even as natural and eager a one as Fran here... so we thought we'd do her a favour, and you a favour, I hope, by giving her to you - just as an extra thankyou for all you've done for us."

Delinda hugged Memree, and then hugged me; she seemed delighted. "If you can handle more than Loji, that is", I added. "We thought that Fran would need a firm hand - and that's what you've got with slavegirls, right?"

Delinda was sizing up Fran, who wisely kept her eyes downcast, and her posture straight. "Hmm, I'll shave her hair, just leaving eyebrows and eyelashes, like Loji - I think she will train up well, she'd better if she knows what's good for her." She turned to us. "Did you have any ideas for a slavegirl-name for her?"

"To go with Loji, I thought Joli", Memree said. "But that's entirely up to you, she's your slave."

We left not long after. "I hope we did the right thing", I commented, as we walked home. I idly kicked a pebble across the street, it bounced off the wall opposite.

"I think so - Loji could probably do with the company, Del's a natural slave-trainer and slave-owner - and I think it won't take Fran long, sorry, I don't think it will take Joli long, to surrender herself and admit that this is what she was made for."

And that's about all there was of any conceivable interest today, my Mage-Librarian friend, so I'm signing off until tomorrow!

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