Thursday, November 04, 2004


Day 43

Tayne did offer to get Cleve a job locally. It wasn't her fault she was imbonded to a slaver, so he'd be happy enough to employ her as a guard himself, or to recommend her for Wealdstone's own guard corps. But she seems to want to come with Memree and me, so we will take her on with us to Broadwater. It's a big city, with a lot of people passing through, thanks to its docks, so an extra sword can't hurt.

Anyway, this has been a really lazy day. Memree and I walked around town with Tid, and browsed the market, which seemed not to have quite as much interesting stuff as Redwall's, though it passed the time agreeably enough. I noticed a shop that looked rather along the same lines as Delinda's, but as we had Tid with us, I ignored it. We bought some skewers of charred-looking meat from one stall, on Tid's recommendation, and found it to be we bought some more, and wandered on, still chewing.

Tayne seems to be doing well in his retirement, I'm glad to see, and is obviously accepted as a member of the town's merchant class. He invests in caravans, he has that farm run for him, and he collects rent on some properties as well. It's good to see him prospering, I hope Memree and I are in some sort of similar position, ten years or so from now.

But we set off for the big coastal city of Broadwater tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to seeing the place properly. I was only there once before, and as I was part of a lord's regiment, embarking from there for a port further down the coast, I really got to see very little of it. This time will be different!

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