Friday, November 05, 2004


Day 44

We divided the saddle-packs between Ashil's two riding horses and Hengist; as Memree's the lightest of us, she gets to ride Hengist, while Cleve and I ride the bigger animals. As Hengist is really more used to carrying packs, tomorrow we'll probably change over and let Memree ride in front of me on my horse, which ought to be fun.

We left Tayne and Wealdstone after breakfast, with some excellent packed food for the journey, and fatter purses, so today has just been a matter of covering the distance. We passed farms, and then we were out on the moors again; the road took us through woods, and skirted the edge of a rather thick-looking forest, before taking us through either a small town or a large village.

It's strange having someone who can't talk in the party - I don't know whether to talk more, to make up for the silence, or to talk less. Still, Cleve seems to be relaxing a bit, and sometimes allows a smile to flit across her face, so the omens are good.

Camp tonight was a clearing by the road, obviously frequently used; there is a clear stream close by, and a big black fire-circle, in which the fire we've made looks rather underwhelming. The water has started to steam, so it's time I put down my pen and claimed my share of the food we brought with us.

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